“The Gift of Love” – Xóm Dừa Juniors’ Gift Drive

A baby orphan at Dieu Giac Orphanage, Saigon, Vietnam

belau.org is proud to support Xóm Dừa Juniors’ (XDJ) first annual Gift Drive – “The Gift of Love” – benefitting orphans, disabled, or otherwise underprivileged children in Vietnam.

In the spirit of the giving season and in an effort to save our Mother Earth from being drained and polluted by our unnecessary consumption, XDJ proposes that we resist the pressure of the shopping season, realize that we have enough, refrain from buying or using unnecessary gifts, and ask our loved ones, friends, and relatives to do the same. Instead of buying gifts, we can ask our loved ones or friends to donate the money (intended for our gifts) to the Gift Drive. Or, if we receive gifts that we do not need, we can turn them in to XDJ who will sell them on eBay and pass the proceeds on to the Gift Drive. The entire proceeds from the drive will be sent to an orphanage in Vietnam prior to Tet 2013.

Donations to the “The Gift of Love” – Xóm Dừa Juniors’ Gift Drive can be accepted online via PayPal here. You can forward this link to those who are interested or if you prefer to send them an email, an example is provided below for your convenience.  
We are sincerely grateful for your generosity and support.
An example of an email to be sent to loved ones:
Thinking of buying me a gift this season?  Think no longer! Click here to give “The Gift of Love” in my name to Xóm Dừa Juniors’ Gift Drive
benefitting orphans, disabled, or otherwise underprivileged children in Vietnam.  No other gifts can make me happier!
Love always,

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