throw out the lifeline

“Throw out the lifeline across the dark wave;
There is a brother whom someone should save;
Somebody’s brother! O who then will dare
To throw out the lifeline, his peril to share?”
– Throw Out The Lifeline by Edwin S. Uf­ford

Belau‘s mission is to connect those with big hearts with people all over the world who have deeply suffered.

You are naturally compassionate, willing to alleviate other people’s pain and sufferings but can’t find the time and means to get to others’ unfortunate situations and verify them. Belau is here to do that job for you. Belau can help collect information on needy circumstances, verify the matters, suggest ways to help, and archive the information on this website in order for you to lend your hand easier. On the other hand, if you know someone who has been suffering and desperately needs help, you can let us know and Belau will try to take care of the rest for you.

Please send all questions and suggestions to We wish you much peace and happiness in order to help more people suffer less.

“Soon will the season of rescue be o’er,
Soon will they drift to eternity’s shore;
Haste, then, my brother, no time for delay,
But throw out the lifeline and save them today”
– Throw Out The Lifeline by Edwin S. Uf­ford